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Success Garten has been into the language realm for more than 50 years

When the legendary trio Prof Shepherd, Mr Royal and Mr M.J. Mathew sowed the seeds of this great language into the soil of a hamlet called Thiruvambady in Calicut in 1960’s, it was just a beginning of a new culture, though in a crude format. The present Success Garten is just an extension of their hidden dreams – having a community which is rich in communication, that too in English language.

Our Program

Level-1: Knowing the beauty of words
Level-2: How sentences function coherently
Level-3: Breaking the barriers of communication -stage
Level-4: English language exams (IELTS, TOEFL, PTE)
Level-5: Free speech

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These 5 aspects are channelized through two main programmes
1. Communicative English programme

Success Garten believes in no short cut to genuine communication in English language. The ultimate skill a person must achieve in his or her life is to express the ideas intelligibly. This process requires continuous polishing and exposure in various levels of interaction. Verbal or written language is just a supportive tool for this. The crux of one’s’ success in communication lies in inculcating the curiosity and enthusiasm in a learner about language. Here, lies the importance of Success Garten. It is unique in terms of the content and delivery process.

By completing the two levels, a candidate becomes aware of the basic communicative tools of English language. Next level deals a lot with the emotional aspect of this language, the speaking inhibitions will be completely removed by this level. Now any candidate will be confident to meet the language requirements available globally. As we always highlight, no language exam is perfect, nobody can value the real communicative aspects of a person, only under the free environment any language can fulfil its intended message. Consequently, one more stage is set. But, all these 5 stages are complementary to each other. At level-5 also, you must come down to level-1 – word enrichment process should be a part of your life schedule.

2. IELTS training

Since IELTS is a language exam designed by the Cambridge University, every student must follow the guidelines put forward by this University. So, a strategic approach should be adopted to cater to the band requirement of students. Based on the present level of every student, he or she must be fitted into a batch. But, the ultimate right to choose the batch falls on the student only.

This is exclusively for real exam takers. Within 5 days, exam strategies will be shared on a mock test basis. Here, you should be highly independent in using the four skills of this language.
Duration: upto 5 days

2. Fast track:
If you have strong grounding and understanding of English, this batch is for you. Here, you become the part of a skill polishing team where you will be exposed to the 4 modules on a daily basis.
Duration: one month>

3. Edge:
In this batch, we consider you as a real investor for language skills. If you can dedicate 2 months for polishing your language skills, this suits you well. You start with a slower but surer pace, but this is highly focused towards your dream band score.
Duration: two months

4. Complete:
Do you feel that you require some polishing on your fundamentals of English language, without any compromise? It is a nice idea to couple both communicative English and IELTS classes together. You get exposed to words, sentences and operational aspects of this language within 8 weeks.
Duration: three months


Language learning.

1) A language cannot be taught; it should be experienced!
2) Language learning demands the right ambience
3) My language is my habits in that language
4) Mistakes are syllabus
5) Follow the mother rules of OPE

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1. A language cannot be taught; it should be experienced!

Language is actually the purity of expression. It should be felt from a human’s lips, and then only it can serve the purpose. So, once that experience factor has been delivered, you are on the way to become a great learner in any language. The duration a person has to spend to achieve complete mastery over English language is completely dependent on your requirements. Your crowd is your requirement, there is always a factor called emotional aspect which is completely unpredictable. More than that, as long as you are the sender of your words, the listener gets the meaning of your words only, not the intended message you carry in those words! Seems amazing! This is called the power of real communication.

2. Language learning demands the right ambience

There is nothing called saturation in fluency in any language, fluency is developed out of environment and practice only, no class room can provide this great art within their stipulated duration, so have a long term approach in learning any language.

3. My language is my habits in that language

As the adage goes ‘Motivation is temporary, but habit is permanent, any language class room training acts as a motivational tool only, once the candidate starts genuine habits in it, the system works in a flow.

4. Mistakes are syllabus

Learn from the mistakes. Language learning demands sincere efforts from a student. Don’t be conscious about the mistakes, they are navigational tools for your fluency factor – Mistakes should be our syllabus

5. Follow the mother rules of OPE

The following 3 levels of learning should be incorporated effectively in your language acquisition programme- Observation, Participation and Experimentation.


Why Choose Us?

What makes us unique in IELTS training is the uncompromised care given to the writing module of IELTS. If you analyse the different modules of IELTS, you can clearly understand that writing is an area where a trainer’s presence is really needed. We understand this fact and our daily sessions exclusively handle task I and task II. Since IELTS is an exam, it is very difficult to predict your score, so always have a positive approach to take this exam until you fulfil your requirement. In order to support you, we have designed a technology integrated writing package where your replica watches task I and task II answers will be corrected online.

  • Online support for writing task I and task II
  • Presence of only British council trained faculty members
  • Exclusive written materials on individual skills
  • Skill polishing classes on a daily basis
  • Individual attention on delivering skills (writing/speaking)
  • Writing tasks correction on a daily basis
  • Rich collection of ELT books
  • State- of- the art class rooms
  • Availability of national dailies and English magazines
  • Communicative English programme of 3-levels on a compliment basis for IELTS students
  • B2B partner of British council and IDP
  • Hostel facility assistance
  • Easy accessibility & Serene ambience
Success Garten owns the British council platinum membership.
Success Garten owns the IDP membership

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