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Our Flagship Programmes


‘The unparalleled training package!’

8.5 Band Seven students with the near impossible overall 8.5 band

8 Band Seventy nine students with the unbelievable overall 8 band with the enviable individual split up of minimum 7 band.

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‘The most systematic and profession oriented package!’

182 students clear their B grade requirement! Literally speaking, 1 out of 3 students is able to clear their required grade of OET at Success Garten.

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‘Rendezvous where the technology challenges the human linguistic brain! ’

Success Garten has designed a convenient training module for it, and the maximum score of 90 is in its credentials.

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Communicative English

‘A programme designed out of sheer passion’

Level 1: Words (Love words-Lexical resource)

Level 2: Sentences (Love Sentences-Coherence and Cohesion)

Level 3: Studio (Love the Stage)

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Our Credentials…

Success Garten owns the British council platinum membership.

Success Garten owns the IDP membership

Celebrates Decennial year

IDP’s 3 Star Partner

Resource partner of Cambridge University Press

Leads the IELTS market with maximum8.5bands

Leads the IELTS market with maximum 8 bands

One out of three clears the OET required grade

Why to Choose Us?

What you need from a language training institute will be delivered here in its finest quality!. There is nothing called IELTS, OET, PTE, TOEFL, DUOLINGO or CELPIP; These are only English exams!

Infrastructural highlights:

  • Exclusive written materials on individual skills
  • Skill polishing classes on a daily basis
  • Individual attention on delivering skills (writing/speaking)
  • Writing tasks correction on a daily basis
  • Exclusive grammar classes focussing on the exam needs
  • Rich collection of ELT books
  • State- of- the art class rooms
  • Availability of national dailies and English magazines
  • Communicative English programme of 3-levels on a compliment basis for IELTS/OET/PTE students
  • B2B partner of British council and IDP
  • Resource partner of Cambridge University Press (CUP)
  • Presence of British council/IDP trained faculty members
  • Hostel facility assistance
  • Easy accessibility & Serene ambience
  • Mock tests on every Saturday
  • Both offline and online classes with the same quality
  • Advisory panel to every student

Academic highlights

Right foundation package
  • Free language assessment test to evaluate the present level of the candidate
  • Highly systematic two week session for making a candidate independent in all the four language modules
  • Advanced batch promotion only after the evaluation test
  • A foundation programme for grammar in IELTS/OET formats
  • Phonetics as an added package
  • Free ‘Cambridge English IELTS’ book for the complete package students
Excellence package
  • ‘Art of speaking’ for overcoming speaking inhibitions
  • ‘Expressions’ for making the students fluent in speaking
  • ‘Treasure hunt’ for making reading an interesting activity
  • ‘Explorations’ for lifting the students to the maximum potential for reading
  • ‘Abundance’ for familiarising students to the exciting world of essay writing
  • ‘Clairvoyance’ for equipping the faculties towards the unheard aspects of listening
Fine tuning package
  • Highly organised advanced reading/listening/speaking batches on a daily basis
  • The icing on the cake is the unparalleled writing classes on task I and task II on a daily basis Advanced exam based writing batch on a daily basis
  • One to one speaking sessions on a daily basis
  • Exclusive mock test batch for a continuous week
  • Mock test on every Saturdays
  • Communicative English programme with 10 books for lifting the students from the base level Proper advisory panel for each student

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