Chintu M Raju Director

Founder cum director

Success Garten is the brain child of Chintu M. Raju. After his graduation in Chemistry and Fisheries Science, he did his post-graduation in Fisheries Science from CIFT, Cochin. His natural passion for human relations and English language ignited his desire to do MBA in Human resources and MA English also.

He is actively engaged in designing training programmers in HR themes and communicative skills in English language. As a UGC-NET holder in MBA, he serves as a management faculty on a freelance mode also. The status of British council trained trainer in IELTS has enabled him to conduct workshops on IELTS strategies. Having studied in a vernacular medium, he believes that the medium of language cannot be a hindrance to express one’s ideas in any topic. HR, he argues, is ultimately all about considering man as an emotional being. His interests lie in promoting platforms where free flow of ideas can be expressed.

Vision statement

Success Garten® believes that the true potential in a human being can be brought out by focusing on the communicative aspects in a language, and by creating such an environment, all Success Gartians can experience an unparalleled linguistic journey which will be transformative regardless of gender, culture, caste, heritage and the area of origin.

The linguistic journey of Success Garten!

Success Garten has been into the language realm for more than 50 years.

When the legendary trio Prof Shepherd, Mr Royal and Mr M.J. Mathew (MSc, BT) sowed the seeds of this great language into the soil of a hamlet called Thiruvambady in Calicut in 1960’s, it was just a beginning of a new culture, though in a crude format. The present Success Garten is just an extension of their hidden dreams – having a community which is rich in communication, that too in English language.

Foundation theme of all language programmes

The language flagship programmes are IELTS, OET, PTE and Communicative English. But, whatever be the language exams, Success Garten has designed all its English language exam classes based on the following 5 strong foundations. Love this language, then you can do miracles in this language!

1. A language cannot be taught; it should be experienced! Language is actually the purity of expression. It should be felt from a human’s lips, and then only it can serve the purpose. So, once that experience factor has been delivered, you are on the way to become a great learner in any language. The duration a person has to spend to achieve complete mastery over English language is completely dependent on your requirements. Your crowd is your requirement, there is always a factor called emotional aspect which is completely unpredictable. More than that, as long as you are the sender of your words, the listener gets the meaning of your words only, not the intended message you carry in those words! Seems amazing! This is called the power of real communication.

2. Language learning demands the right ambience There is nothing called saturation in fluency in any language, fluency is developed out of environment and practice only, no class room can provide this great art within their stipulated duration, so have a long term approach in learning any language.

3. My language is my habits in that language As the adage goes ‘Motivation is temporary, but habit is permanent, any language class room training acts as a motivational tool only, once the candidate starts genuine habits in it, the system works in a flow.

4. Mistakes are syllabus Learn from the mistakes. Language learning demands sincere efforts from a student. Don’t be conscious about the mistakes, they are navigational tools for your fluency factor – Mistakes should be our syllabus

5. Follow the mother rules of ‘OPE’ The following 3 levels of learning should be incorporated effectively in your language acquisition programme- Observation, Participation and Experimentation.


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