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A programme designed out of sheer passion


‘Language is the noblest invention ever made by the human being’. In the modern world where every discussion is arranged under the umbrella of politics or religion, language alone can bind the true spirit of humanity. How to use a language properly is a great challenge and it is a fact that language cannot be taught but experienced. So once the ‘experience aspect’ is delivered, learning a language can be easier and interesting. The answer to how can the ‘experience component’ is provided to a language learner is solved by teaching him/her how to love a language especially a language which has many components to be loved. Here comes the relevance of English language – ‘the sea which receives tributaries from every region under heaven.’ So the mantra to learn any language is to love it, be pure in your approach towards a language.


Learning system at Success Garten:

Success Garten believes in no short cut to genuine communication in English language. The ultimate skill a person must achieve in his or her life is to express the ideas intelligibly. This process requires continuous polishing and exposure in various levels of interaction. Verbal or written language is just a supportive tool for this. The crux of one’s’ success in communication lies in inculcating the curiosity and enthusiasm in a learner about language. Here, lies the importance of Success Garten. It is unique in terms of the content and delivery process.

There are 3 levels for lifting a person’s communicative skills in English. By completing our two levels, a candidate becomes aware of the basic communicative tools of English language. Next level deals a lot with the emotional aspect of this language, the speaking inhibitions will be completely removed by this level. Now, any candidate will be confident to meet the language requirements available globally. As we always highlight, no language exam is perfect, nobody can value the real communicative aspects of a person, only under the free environment any language can fulfil its intended message. Consequently, one more stage is set. But, all these 5 stages are complementary to each other. At level-5 also, you must come down to level-1 – word enrichment process should be a part of your life schedule.

Communicative English – 3 levels

Level 1: Words
(Love words – Lexical resource)

‘God wove a web of loveliness of clouds and stars and birds, but made not anything at all so beautiful as words’Anna H. Branch

The basic unit of any language is word or vocabulary. Every person has two types of vocabulary: one is active which the person uses on a daily basis, the other one is passive which the person knows but never uses. Every word in English gets its meaning only in the context so learning words on a situational basis will be highly effective. Try to establish an emotional relationship with every word so that it will be printed in your subconscious mind forever. For instance, there is a word called ‘lackadaisical’ which seems to generate no interest at all. Here if we analyse the word meaning from dictionary and provide an emotional meaning like ‘lack of seriousness’, it will be registered in the mind forever.

The problems with English words are spelling and pronunciation. Since English is a non-phonetic language, every new word should be treated carefully. Don’t utter a new word until you confirm its pronunciation.

Level 2: Sentences
(Love sentences – Coherence and Cohesion)

Words alone do not serve any purpose. Next point is organizing the words in an order where it gets a sense. Assigning each word a role is a good idea but this may distract a person who is new to English language. The word grammar holds value now onwards. The very name ‘grammar’ disturbs many people, but it is basically an unnecessary fear only. Grammar to a language is like steering to a vehicle only-giving proper direction. The improper use of words will result in a wrong communication, so have a positive relationship with grammar. There are not many tools required in English grammar. The following tools should be clearly understood: Noun, verb, adjective, there + be, it + be, tenses and helping verbs.

Once the basic sentence structures are clear, it is time to analyse the advanced word structures by understanding question types, conditions, passive voice, reporting and joining words.Every English lover should be familiar with the question types namely Yes/No and W/H. Higher level English language will be developed only by the habit of asking questions.

Level 3: Studio
(Love the stage)

The candidate starts enjoying the freedom of expression from this level onwards. The ultimate purpose of language is fulfilled in this level. Advanced interactive tools like meetings, group discussions, public speech, presentation skills, interviews etc can be handled here.

Each level is interconnected. A person enjoys the 4th level may come back to level 1 for brushing up the vocabulary. There should be a free flow of ideas in all these levels.

Now, your duty?

After understanding the various levels involved in the language learning process a layman will be naturally confused about the starting process.
Start from the basics-from level 1. You should have 5 elements in the journey of conquering a language.

1. a good dictionary(OALD), 2.a note book, English newspaper 4.a pencil/pen 5. A passionate mind

Read the English daily, when a new word strikes your mind stop there, transfer it with sentence into your notebook. The meaning of the word should be found out by the help of a dictionary. If you do this on a daily basis, there will be a great progress. Remember, your English is your habits in English. There is no short cut for real English improvement. Finally, language is a man-made thing, so, you can conquer it if you desire it, have a great life in English language.


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